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Customs Clearance of Air Cargoes

Customs clearance of shipments arriving by air

Currently, the customs duty is to protect the interests of the country, to ensure flow of goods across the country’s borders, stop unauthorized importation and exportation of goods.
When moving across the borders of a country, all products must undergo customs clearance - a list of legal operations. Customs clearance process depends on the nomenclature of the goods, mode of transport, legal status of the person declaring goods at customs, as well as the target destination.

Major helps FEA participants carry out customs clearance of imported and exported goods.

  • We have extensive experience, knowledge of customs laws and wide opportunities in registering of any goods using different customs procedures:
  • Major is included in the register of Nationwide Customs Brokers (Certificate No. 0092/00 dated 20 December 2010). This allows us to issue customs declaration with our seal in Moscow and Russian regions.
  • Major is a member of the National Association of Customs Brokers (agents) NACB.
  • We became the first customs broker that conducted electronic declaration of air cargo in Russia. This project was implemented at Domodedovo Customs. Submission of customs declarations in electronic form is a fundamentally new approach to customs clearance.
  • Major has its offices at all international airports in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg. Territorial proximity to aviation Customs allows us to carry out customs clearance in the shortest possible time without additional costs for storage of goods at the terminals.
  • We carry out clearance at internal and border customs offices under all customs procedures.
  • We have been working as a customs broker for over 10 years and have three customs broker’s certificates
  • International agent network allows us to offer customs clearance services throughout the world.
  • Our company has introduced electronic document circulation between all offices, including regional ones. This allows our clients to get access to all shipping and customs documents virtually on-line. Access to documents is done through the customer service system - MAP.
  • Our staff has state certificates confirming the right to act as specialists in customs clearance. Every 2 years, all specialists are re-certified in the Russian Customs Academy in order to improve their professional level.
  • Our company provides online declaration of our customers’ air cargo through the Internet (ED-2), which significantly reduces the time spent on customs clearance.
  • The company’s specialists constantly monitor changes in customs law, develop new technology for customs clearance of goods together with the Customs and international airports.

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