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About Company

Major Logistics Group is a logistics company with headquarters in Moscow, Russia. As a service-based company, we provide wide range of freight-forwarding, warehousing and customs clearance services. We generate highly optimized and customized supply chain solutions for our clients through our great experience in local and international markets, high flexibility and effectiveness at finding the best route and pricing options.

Our main goal is to improve competitiveness of our customers via well-balanced supply chain management.

Choosing a logistics provider, you also chose people, system of values, technologies and culture of the organization. You must be sure that all these elements are in the right balance and meet your expectations.

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This is the most important value of our company. For us our customers is like our family members – their success is our success. That is why we constantly review customers' needs by offering new, optimized and cost effective solutions. We believe that our reputation and service quality are the key points for our long-term partnerships.
Quality service is the core of our business and our people make it possible. Through constant research, motivation, personnel training we aim to strengthen our leading position in the market. Day by day we learn more, grow faster, work harder and with more confidence, finally customer satisfaction is the best reward for all our efforts.
Like all successful companies, we have a unique culture that is driven by our devotion to exceptional customer service. We are focused on success, constant development and achieving excellent results. It's a simple philosophy that works. We believe that life is too short not to enjoy things you do and the people you work with. Within our company we create such inspiring atmosphere that would encourage our employees to work in it the whole their life.
Our informational system covers the whole cycle of customer service, beginning with the first request from a new customer up to specific dashboards and reports that allow to manage the entire supply chain on-line. Integration of all Major’s offices into one information system avoids any data loss and allows our clients to see a complete picture of all ongoing processes in real time. Continuous development of information technology is one of the advantages of our exceptional service.

Constant development.
Achieve superior results.
Be the best.

Take pleasure in personal
and team work.

Be honest and

Bring benefit
and joy to people.

Create civilized
society for us and
our children.

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Эффективная логистика с Major несмотря ни на что!
Уважаемые Клиенты, Партнеры и Коллеги, компания Major Cargo Service готова к любым условиям и окажет Вам логистический сервис под Ваши потребности или предложит альтернативные варианты, без потери времени в сроках ответов или качестве оказываемых услуг, в том числе и в период, начиная с 30.03.2020 г.
Одновременно с этим вся структура Major работает, соблюдая Законодательство и учитывая актуальные Приказы Правительства.
Сотрудники компании выполняют все необходимые меры предосторожности, препятствующие распространению вируса:

удаленная работа, дезинфекция помещений, личная гигиена, самоизоляция и прочие (подробную схему введенных мер по запросу предоставит каждый менеджер компании).

Команда Major Cargo Service исполняет и продолжит исполнять все обязательства перед Клиентами и Партнерами по движению грузов в полном объеме, все грузы будут обработаны и доставлены.

Возможности и цифровизация внутренних процессов Major Cargo Service позволяют принимать Ваши запросы и заявки на услуги 24/7 даже в формате удаленной работы вне офиса сотрудников Компании, сохраняя привычный Клиентам уровень сервиса

По вопросам отправки груза или с заявками на расчёт стоимости логистических услуг вы можете обратиться на номер нашей горячей линии
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