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Rail Freight

Major company executes rail freight transportation of goods through the territory of the Russian Federation

For a number of freight transport by rail is the best and most convenient mode of transportation. First of all, it concerns the case of movement of goods over long distances. Particularly popular rail transport in transport vehicles.

So how can this be explained?
Transport by rail has:

  • high carrying capacity
  • efficiency of freight over long distances
  • relatively high rates
  • reliability and security
  • low transportation costs

Freight rail transport in Russia

Railway map of Russia resembles an intricate puzzle. Not every single person who is not familiar with the specifics of rail will look into this maze, and deliver the cargo to its destination. In order to avoid all sorts of trouble, it is better to entrust the transport of goods by rail professionals.

More and not worry about the process of loading, delivery to the station of origin labeling, packaging, storage of cargo at intermediate stations, route monitoring, protection, storage, unloading - we take the rail transport of goods to Russia under his responsibility.

International Carriage by Rail

Among its activities, Major provides mixed, combined and intermodal, domestic and international rail freight, delivery trucks and terminal handling, as well as the customs clearance in the main areas of the Central region, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East (including regions Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Magadan) in the near-abroad countries and South East Asia, and forwarding of export, import and transit of goods.

Providing customers with the full range of logistics services, Major, first of all, focus on the quality of services, in partnership relationships with its customers. This approach allows us to understand the client's needs and offer the best solution for his problems.

Competitive rates for rail transportation

Major services provide you rail at a high level and at the best rates for you. You will be able to combine profitable rail and road transport, to get the maximum effect.

We will be glad to see you among our customers, and in response to that trust every day, we will give you a professional and positive creativity, care and respect, not forgetting about the warmth and smile.
Major places and addresses the strategic objectives for the development of qualitatively new systems of services. Enhanced analytical, informational and technical support of the transportation process. The company is actively working to find new partners in order to update and expand the range of services offered.

See you in the vast rail logistics!

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